Thomas Schweins

Dr. Thomas Schweins

Senior Vice President Life Science Business Area and Human Resources

Joined QIAGEN in 2004 as Vice President Corporate Strategy and was appointed Vice President Marketing & Strategy in 2005, where he was deeply involved in managing the global business toward Life Science customers. In late 2011, Dr. Schweins has assumed responsibility for Human Resources, and reassumed the role involving the Life Science Business Area in early 2017. Dr. Schweins came to QIAGEN from The Boston Consulting Group. He previously worked as Technology Manager, and later as an Assistant to the Management Board at Hoechst / Aventis. Dr. Schweins earned an M.Sc. Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Hanover. He obtained his Ph.D. at the Max Planck Society and received an M.Sc. from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where he studied Business Administration and Chemistry.


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