How to apply

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How to apply

If you want to apply for a job at QIAGEN please click on 'Find Jobs' at the top or bottom of this page. Please feel encouraged to apply for multiple positions, if your professional background and/or regional flexibility fits more than one opening.

Step 1:
Choose a position

Choose your desired job posting by searching for country, location, functional area, special keywords or job ID. Open the online application form by clicking the button 'Apply Now'. You can also use the 'LinkedIn' button if you have a profile in LinkedIn (all data will be transferred automatically into the online application form) or create a candidate account if you plan to apply again in the future.

Step 2:

Please complete the online application form as detailed as possible. Required fields are highlighted in blue and bold writing.

Step 3:
Cover letter & CV

You can either copy or upload your cover letter and CV into the appropriate fields. Please consider that uploads are only possible in .doc, .docx, .txt and rtf formats. Unfortunately the system cannot process formats such as Adobe PDF, JPEG, etc. (Uploading a photo isn’t possible at this step of the process; if you want to add a photo, you can do this during the next step).

Step 4:

You can attach one additional document to your application; this file may not exceed 7 MB and can be formatted in MS Word, RTF, TXT, ZIP, Adobe PDF, JPEG, Bit Map, GIF, AVI or MP3. Please provide a unique name for the file you upload (your name, our position reference number).

Step 5:

You will have the option to review and amend your application by going back to the previous page. Please note that formatting may get lost due to technical reasons – however this won’t be considered in the selection process. When you are ready to submit your application, please click ‘Submit’. If submission has been successful, a confirmation of receipt will be send to the E-mail address you stated in the online application form.

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