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QIAGEN integrates sustainability throughout our business. We aim to save energy and reduce environmental impacts, to drive economic success with healthy, high-performance workplaces, and to make improvements in life possible as a good corporate citizen around the world. We believe these three dimensions of sustainability are interlinked, reinforcing each other. We pledge to continually evaluate the potential green impact of our business, its economic influence and our corporate citizenship around the world. Our commitment to sustainability does not stop with formal regulations. There is much room for innovation in driving sustainable development in our industry, and we are resolved to continue to move forward.

At QIAGEN we have always believed that we are part of something bigger. In the early days of the biotechnology revolution, QIAGEN created innovative technologies for sample preparation that made scientific breakthroughs possible and molecular testing safer for lab personell and the environment. Now we are leaders in a new era, known as the Century of Biology. Understanding of the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins – is revolutionizing medicine and other areas of everyday life. Our mission is to  make improvements in life possible, and QIAGEN Sample to Insight solutions offer lasting benefit for people around the world.

As discoveries and applications have multiplied in molecular biology, QIAGEN has expanded and evolved. We have transformed our portfolio – and culture – to deliver end-to-end, integrated Sample to Insight solutions unlocking valuable molecular insights from raw biological materials. QIAGEN creates value in scientific and clinical settings by integrating our advanced automation systems, state-of-the-art sample-prep solutions and broad menu of test content with industry-leading bioinformatics. Seamless, end-to-end workflows for analysis and interpretation of genomic data allow laboratories to achieve actionable insights more reliably, effectively and efficiently. This business is built to last, and we are focused on long-term opportunities to serve the growing need for molecular testing workflows across various customer classes.

Peer M. Schatz

Ongoing success for QIAGEN also depends on the sustainability of society's resources.

Peer M. Schatz CEO QIAGEN

We recognize that ongoing success for QIAGEN also depends on the sustainability of society’s resources, as well as continuous reduction of any negative impact from our business. Without sustainable development that includes economic, environmental and social dimensions, it is difficult to make lasting improvements in life. It is, therefore, vitally important for all of our stakeholders – employees, customers, patients, shareholders and communities – that we align our commercial business practices with the goal of acting responsibly in our social and natural environments. We will always strive to achieve growth in harmony with economic, environmental, human and social dimensions.

QIAGEN’s 4,700 employees care about the impact of our work and are passionate about helping our customers to exceed their own expectations and make an enduring difference. We want to make the world a better place to live – not only through scientific discovery and application, but also through sustainable stewardship. Embracing sustainability as an integral part of corporate policy and as a measure for the success of our enterprise, we started publishing our approach to these activities in 2009. We know much remains to be done, so we invite you to visit our website regularly to learn more about our progress – step by step. Thank you for being part of our mission.