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Social matters

QIAGEN’s mission is to make improvements in life possible by enabling our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences and molecular diagnostics. We are committed to helping researchers and clinicians deliver innovative solutions that unlock new insights for scientific research, forensic investigation and better treatment decisions.

Access to medicine

In developing countries with scarce resources, innovative solutions are needed to ensure access to affordable diagnostics to help prevent and treat diseases. For low-income countries, in particular, early detection can significantly lower therapeutic costs and stop further spread of infection.

At QIAGEN, we develop diagnostic solutions targeting some of the most widespread and emerging diseases. By collaborating with global networks, we work to ensure widespread availability in all regions of the world providing a means to fight, and perhaps even eradicate such diseases.

QIAGEN maintains collaborations with healthcare organizations and public authorities to help reduce the burden of disease in regions with scarce healthcare resources.

COVID-19 testing

Since early 2019 we have been working closely with governments, public health authorities and customers to ensure availability of critical COVID-19 testing components across the globe. With several products listed in the U.S. CDC and WHO COVID-19 testing protocols we have seen a rapid increase in orders of our RNA extraction kits and automation instrumentation, as well as for our newly developed COVID-19 syndromic test. We have been working around the clock to meet this testing demand.

Since January we have increased our output of viral RNA extractions from an initial 400,000 per month to over 8 million by the end of May 2019 with an aim to produce 20 million per month by October.

We are currently supporting COVID-19 testing in more than 100 countries. Find out more about our portfolio of COVID-19 testing solutions here.

Manufacturing of QIAGEN products
QIAGEN production staff are working around the clock to meet global COVID-19 testing demands.

Tuberculosis (TB) management

QIAGEN is committed to expanding screening for TB with modern blood-based assays for latent TB infection in regions with a high disease burden but limited resources. We are also working closely with the World Health Organization (WHO), governments and NGO’s in the global fight to eradicate TB.

In October 2019, QIAGEN’s QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus) test was added to the diagnostic catalogue of the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF).

The largest global provider of quality-assured TB medicines, diagnostics and laboratory supplies to the public sector, addition to the GDF catalogue opens a new channel to reach countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis (TB).

African nurse is drawing blood
Find our more about QIAGEN’s commitment to end TB here.

Human papilloma virus (HPV)

Our careHPV tests which screen for high-risk HPV, the primary cause of cervical cancer, are directly available in 25 countries worldwide. Since launch, more than 3 million tests have been distributed.

In a recent cooperation with the NGO, PATH, and with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we developed a dedicated human papillomavirus (HPV) testing system for use in regions with limited healthcare-resources, such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. By adapting our products to local needs through initiatives like this, we aim to meet our global customer needs.


Human rights

Respect for human rights is part of our supplier code of conduct which contains binding rules for all suppliers. As part of our supplier selection process, we assess the suppliers’ policy regarding human rights issues. In addition, first-tier suppliers must confirm REACH, RoHS and SEC compliance as appropriate. Violations against human rights in our supply chain inherits reputational as well as legal risks for QIAGEN. Supplier audits are conducted if non-compliance is suspected.

We have also performed and extensive enquiry into or supply chain to confirm that no conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries are used in our laboratory instrumentation. The full report can be downloaded here.