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At a glance

QIAGEN serves more than 500,000 customers around the globe, all seeking answers from the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins. We deliver Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing, propelling our customers from start to finish to unlock new insights. This is how we make improvements in life possible.


Our customers are our inspiration

Our desire to innovate is driven by our customers passion in their fields. From doctors seeking solutions to diagnose and prevent disease, to researchers conquering new scientific frontiers and translating genomic insights into new medicines, we are inspired by their discoveries and breakthroughs.


Leading the way in molecular testing

Our product portfolio supports our customers across the continuum of molecular testing in the rapidly developing fields of molecular diagnostics and life sciences. From the first important step of DNA, RNA and protein extraction from biological samples, to novel testing technologies targeting single or multiple molecular variants, and software to analyze and interpret the vast amounts of molecular data to deliver valuable insights. Our automation systems bring together all of these steps in seamless end-to-end workflows. Discover our product offering here.


core products



Sample to Insight

We call our strategic framework Sample to Insight. QIAGEN offers advanced molecular testing solutions that move customers through the whole process – faster, better and more efficiently. We identify bottlenecks, solve problems and exceed expectations. It’s who we are. Find out more about QIAGEN’s vision, identity and mission.


Innovation is in our DNA

Our journey started as a spin-off of university research in the early days of biotechnology, developing DNA extraction solutions to help scientists explore the mysteries of DNA. Today, our portfolio has grown to encompass consumables, instrumentation and software solutions touching every part of the molecular testing workflow. Our solutions help our customers on their quest to generate novel insights. See our milestones.


A global culture

Our people share a collaborative, truly global culture, plus a commitment to making improvements in life possible. Today some 5,200 QIAGEN employees, based in more than 25 countries, provide expertise and service to customers nearly everywhere.