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Customers & products

As the world's leading provider of complete Sample to Insight solutions to unlock valuable molecular insights from biological samples, QIAGEN offers a broad range of products that address the diverse needs of our global customers ranging from academic research to routine healthcare applications. 

Our Customers

From Nobel Prize-winning researchers to community hospital laboratories, QIAGEN customers depend on us for reliable, efficient workflows that enable molecular testing and help to unlock valuable insights.

Our Sample to Insight solutions meet challenges for two major customer classes:


Molecular diagnostics

Healthcare providers using molecular insights to guide patient care, especially in our priority focus areas of oncology, infectious diseases and immune monitoring.


Life sciences

Our life science customers can be broken down into three groups:

  • Academia – scientists exploring the secrets of life in molecular mechanisms and pathways, as well as translating discoveries into new drug targets or commercial applications.
  • Applied testing - forensic scientists working in crime or police labs, genetics testing labs, and scientists supporting government organizations like the FBI or Interpol, safeguarding the public and helping identify missing persons.
  • Pharma - pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies using molecular insights and testing to guide drug discovery, develop strategies for personalized therapies, and manage clinical trials.
Our products

Understanding the molecular building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins – is changing the way our world diagnoses and treats diseases, protects public safety, and advances science.

QIAGEN empowers our customers with a broad range of consumable kits, instruments and bioinformatics. Our products address molecular testing challenges from Sample to Insight:

Sample technologies isolate, stabilize and prepare genomic materials from raw materials such as blood or tissue, soil or water, or forensic “trace” evidence.

Assay technologies make relevant molecules visible and ready for analysis, whether to identify a single pathogen or genetic variation – or to paint an in-depth genomic profile.

Automation systems implement efficient, end-to-end workflows for analysis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other techniques.

Bioinformatics deliver the value from these workflows with user-friendly software and cloud-based resources to interpret data and report actionable insights from vast amounts of complex biological data.

As practical applications of genomic science multiply, QIAGEN is continually innovating to provide customers with new products that make improvements in life possible.

To learn more about our Sample to Insight solutions, browse related resources, obtain technical support and shop individual products, please follow the links below.