Digital transformation

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Digital transformation

As life becomes ever more digital for QIAGEN customers and the pace of change continues to accelerate, we are pursuing a major initiative to transform our ways of doing business around the world. We call it Digitizing Sample to Insight.

Our first wave of digital transformation focuses on the customer experience, providing digital channels and rich cloud-based resources to help each customer find exactly the right solution.  QIAGEN’s digital channels now process more than 30% of sales – and that is growing fast.

We are creating a roadmap to leverage QIAGEN’s eCommerce capabilities, already greatly expanded, into a launch pad for digitizing our entire value chain for customers. Our ambition is to be No. 1 in our industry in engaging customers digitally, and we are tracking our progress.

The reason is simple: QIAGEN customers work digitally. Life science research begins in silico, molecular testing generates data in digital form, researchers and clinicians analyze results with cloud-based bioinformatics, journal articles appear online, doctors keep electronic health records, and transactions in large institutions flow through procurement systems.

So QIAGEN is cultivating an entrepreneurial, digital mindset to innovate, simplify interactions and increase productivity for everyone. Most of all, we are digitizing our business to help customers. We hope you join us in this journey.