Vision, identity & mission

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Vision, identity & mission

At the heart of QIAGEN’s business is a vision for making improvements in life possible. We deliver on this promise by providing differentiating Sample to Insight solutions that help our customers to unlock valuable molecular insights encoded in the building blocks of life. 

Some of the great challenges facing the world – issues of life and death, health and disease, continuity and change – find their causes in the near-infinite diversity of genomic molecules that serve as the building blocks of all life. Scientists, doctors, lab directors and other professionals committed to answering life’s questions look to QIAGEN for solutions in molecular testing.

QIAGEN is known to more than 500,000 customers around the world for our innovation, engagement, integrity, quality and passion. This identity creates relationships for our global team across the continuum from research in the life sciences, to molecular diagnostics and public safety applications in everyday use.

Our mission is to deliver Sample to Insight solutions enabling QIAGEN customers to unlock valuable molecular insights faster, better and more efficiently – from the raw biological sample to the final interpreted result. But Sample to Insight is more than just about providing smooth, end-to-end workflows. It's a strategic framework that puts the needs and challenges of our customers front and center. We want to identify key bottlenecks holding customers back and to deliver solutions so they can achieve greater success, ultimately helping them to exceed their own expectations.

Vision Identity Mission

QIAGEN's vision, identity and mission

What do molecular insights look like?

  • A patient with cancer gets the best possible outcome because pinpointing genetic variations allows doctors to personalize that individual’s healthcare and to monitor progress.
  • A scientist achieves groundbreaking discoveries because our instruments and test kits provide the most reliable sample preparation, assay technologies, analysis and interpretation.
  • An investigator solves a mystery with the help of solid evidence from DNA fingerprinting.
  • Veterinary teams in the field stop an outbreak of infectious disease among livestock.
  • Researchers streamline slow, very complex procedures with efficient, automated workflows.
  • Hospitals and labs previously unable to implement molecular diagnostics or next-generation sequencing find new opportunities with our Sample to Insight solutions.

QIAGEN is committed to making improvements in life possible.