Leaving the basement
Leaving the basement

How GeneReader NGS System is changing the pathologists’ work.

Anyone who enters the office of Dr. Achim Battmann is likely to find the surgical pathologist and department head at Nordwest Krankenhaus, a major hospital in Frankfurt, sitting at his desk, hands and eyes on his microscope, constantly talking. What can’t be seen is a pedal at his feet: A homemade gadget that helps him operate his recorder without having to move his hands or eyes away from the powerful instrument.

Time is rare in daily grind of the clinic, as the number of samples rises and the time to deliver results is cut to the point that Dr. Battmann establishes pathological facts on cellular mutations while the surgeons are still operating – today, efficiency is measured in seconds saved.

 Dr. Achim Battmann, Head of Pathology at the Krankenhaus Nordwest in Frankfurt, Germany, describes how NGS has changed the way oncology research is done and how the results impact tumor diagnostics

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