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  • 1) Is there a specific person to whom I need to address my cover letter?
    Since applications are usually reviewed by HR colleagues and the hiring manager, candidates don`t need to address a specific person. “Dear Sir or Madam” is a good choice.
  • 2) Unsolicited applications / internship requests
    QIAGEN does not accept unsolicited applications. We encourage candidates to review our open positions on our career page. We will introduce this ability towards the end of 2019.
  • 3) Can I apply via email or contact form?
    We only accept online applications. You can find all our open positions on our careers website.
  • 4) I want to delete my data / application from QIAGEN recruiting systems.
    We offer this service. Please send us a request via Contact form.
  • 5) I am a Headhunter/Staffing Agency and would like to support QIAGEN in the personnel search.
    QIAGEN exclusively works with agencies that are on our “Preferred Supplier List” (PSL). It is up to the Recruiting Team only to consult and onboard agencies. The PSL review process takes place once a year, December/January – we will get back to existing contacts when needed and further discussion is planned to take place.
  • 6) Is QIAGEN offering school or university traineeship
    No, currently we do not offer such programs. You can find all our traineeship/internship positions on our careers website.
  •  7) I have applied but nobody contacted me yet. What is the status of my application?
    Most probably your application is still in the review process. It may take some time but we will inform you of your application status after a review of your application.
  •  8) I had an interview, when am I going to receive feedback?
    It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to provide the feedback. After this time you may contact us via Contact form and we will follow up for you.
  • 9) I have just applied and would like to check if my application was received.
    After successful application you should have received a confirmation email. If you have not received this, please check your junk folder.
  • 10) I would like to apply for a specific position and would like to know if it is still open?
    Please, check if this position is available on our career website. If so, it means that it is an open role and you can apply.
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