Career development

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Career Development
Career development

Your career path and professional growth are as important to us as they are to you – and it’s part of our business to help you grow your talent and skills.

Speaking of growth – our excellent track record for growth is driven by innovation and acquisition, not to mention the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees. As a fast-growing company, one thing we can offer you in your career – is the opportunity to take on responsibility for your own projects and have real input about how they're carried out.

As a fast-growing technology and knowledge-based company, we strive to ensure that training and career development are an integral part of the QIAGEN experience.

We have established a global Personal Enhancement System (PES), which creates a clear framework of regular, one-on-one review sessions for managers and each of their employees to discuss career development topics. These sessions include discussions of goals and their achievement, assessment of relevant competencies as well as definition of training needs and further career planning steps.

Professional Training & Development at QIAGEN is an ongoing process that reaches all employees, which cycles from the PES goal and development discussion to training participation and learning transfer.


Continuous Learning

As part of our continuous learning initiatives, we offer an exciting range of training opportunities to all employees at every level. To help you excel in your role, we provide training in key skills, such as  communication and presentation, project management, and leadership. Developing young talent and fostering a spirit of learning and inquiry are just 2 of the ways we support your professional growth. Below is a small sample of our training options: 

Successful Communication 

  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Self-Organization and Time Management
  • From Conflict to Consensus
  • Fit for Leadership

We've also created a special Leadership Curriculum for management staff — a specialized training program to help our managers deal effectively with their wide-ranging tasks, far-reaching responsibilities, and multiple challenges.

If we don´t offer a specific training course or workshop that suits your needs, tailor-made solutions can be created on request. In addition, we provide support for third-party, job-related training where needed.


Career Development

At QIAGEN, training and career development go hand in hand. By taking part in the many opportunities on offer, you can ensure that your professional growth keeps pace with your career goals and aspirations.

We´re committed to developing your talents and supporting you in furthering your career. A short-term assignment at one of our global sites — along with the relevant cross-cultural training — is just one of the many ways to develop new competencies, not to mention expand your professional horizons.

As a fast-growing company, with a strong desire to support this growth, we believe that developing our future managers through internal development programs is a key factor in our success.

The Management Campus for Starters is a specific development program that prepares high-performing employees to take on initial leadership positions. The program provides training in leadership basics and an overview of relevant business management topics.

The Executive MBA Business Integration Program was developed in cooperation with the University of Würzburg and provides an opportunity for professionals and managers to gain comprehensive insights into leadership and management topics. The program encourages out-of-the-box thinking and enhances global networking.

Your first role at QIAGEN is just a starting point to a wealth of learning — and opportunities for growth.

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