Talent management

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Talent management

QIAGEN systematically develops talents, providing them with strategic skill sets and supporting their individual growth.

QIAGEN’s mission statement says it all: “The exceptional talent, skill and passion of our employees are key to QIAGEN’s excellence, success and value.” This is underlined by the company’s talent management philosophy, as Nicola Bramwell, Vice President and Head of Talent Management, explains: “We believe in people. Products and strategies can be copied, but people are unique.”

QIAGEN develops individuals in many different ways because people are so different and their talents so diverse. The company’s training and development philosophy is a mix of competency-based training programs, blended learning architecture combining face-to-face training with e-learning, learning from role models, cross-departmental and intercultural peer learning, structured feedback from different perspectives and ongoing support. The training curriculum features over 60 different programs ranging from Basics of Molecular Biology to a two-year Executive MBA course. 


Systematic guidance to develop individual talents

By the end of 2018, a total of 76 QIAGEN employees will have completed the MBA program including Rosa Chun, Business Manager Service Solutions APAC, and Dominic O'Neil,  Associate Director DNA Product Development.

Rosa is a Korean-American who moved to Singapore from the U.S. in 2006 and joined QIAGEN in 2008 from a previous job as a business consultant. Starting as a Technical Service Specialist, she was promoted first to Senior Technical Specialist and then to Business Manager, Service Solutions APAC. The talent management schemes Rosa has participated in include "Leading outside a management position" and "Fit for leadership", and she is currently attending the QIAGEN Executive MBA Program.

"Thanks to systematic guidance to develop your individual talents, QIAGEN provides continuous learning and development programs for career growth and enhancement."

Rosa Chun, Business Manager Service Solutions APAC

Dominic's German-American background gave him a taste of both countries' schooling before he graduated with a BSc in philosophy and an MSc in bioinformatics from U.S. universities. After various biotechnology and biomedical research posts, Dominic joined QIAGEN in 2007. All his QIAGEN work has been in R&D where he has risen from Research Scientist to Associate Director, DNA Product Development. As a QIAGEN Executive MBA graduate, he is particularly appreciative of the company's management training schemes.

"Coming from an unusual background for R&D, I'm glad QIAGEN recognized my potential and supported me through opportunities to tackle new challenges and take on additional responsibilities."

Dominic o'neil, Associate Director DNA product development
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