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IR - Strategy

QIAGEN is executing a focused strategy to build value through profitable growth opportunities in the expanding market for molecular testing in life sciences and healthcare.

We are the global leader in Sample to Insight solutions, with a portfolio of technologies to empower customers from start to finish in the molecular testing process. In a challenging world, our approach is to help customers achieve molecular insights faster, better and more efficiently. 

Over more than three decades we have built a unique competitive advantage for QIAGEN: deep relationships with customers across the continuum from academic research, to pharmaceutical development, to molecular diagnostics and other applications. We partner with researchers in creating molecular testing technologies in the early stages, then develop and commercialize promising applications and platforms as these methods emerge in healthcare and industry.

QIAGEN is committed to innovation in molecular testing, through cutting-edge R&D at our centers of excellence and targeted acquisitions that expand our presence in growing fields.

We focus our resources to maximize sales growth in promising fields, such as screening for latent tuberculosis infection, next-generation sequencing, personalized healthcare, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and differentiated technologies for preparing and analyzing samples.  

We provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective workflows in multiple platforms including PCR and NGS. The growing installed bases of QIAsymphony and GeneReader NGS systems drive ongoing growth in sales of consumables – from sample prep kits to assays and gene panels. 

Geographically, QIAGEN has robust product portfolios and sales efforts in major markets of the North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. We continue to expand in emerging markets, resulting in rapid growth in countries where research and healthcare spending are booming.

We cultivate a highly talented global workforce and strong governance at the executive and board levels. Our culture values focus, accountability and entrepreneurial decision making.

In accelerating QIAGEN’s growth trajectory, we are also managing the business to deliver operating leverage and enhance profitability and shareholder value.

QIAGEN is making a long-term difference in our world by making improvements in life possible.

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