TissueRuptor system
Jul 25 2006

TissueRuptor system

July 25, 2006

The TissueRuptor system - fast and efficient low-throughput sample disruption using disposable probes

The new TissueRuptor - a handheld rotor-stator homogenizer - enables rapid, efficient, and flexible disruption of a wide range of biological samples, including animal and human tissues and cells and plant material. Use of transparent disposable probes helps to prevent cross-contamination and enables visual control of the sample disruption process.

Disruption at full speed for as little as 30 seconds is usually sufficient to release nucleic acids or proteins from starting material. Disposable probes enable convenient and flexible sample disruption in a wide range of volumes and formats. Using a disposable probe for each sample helps to prevent cross-contamination, which is especially important for highly sensitive downstream applications, such as real-time PCR or microarray analysis. Use of a disposable probe also provides time savings as the probe does not have to be cleaned after homogenization of each sample.

The TissueRuptor is an integral part of QIAGEN's complete solution for tissue management in gene expression, genotyping, and proteomics applications. Optimized protocols are available for sample disruption prior to manual or automated nucleic acid or protein purification, enabling a streamlined, efficient workflow.


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