The best DNA cleanup — now even easier
Jul 25 2006

The best DNA cleanup — now even easier

July 25, 2006

QIAGEN's extensive range of cleanup kits set the standard for DNA purity, recovery, and concentration. Now our innovative and trusted kits contain a range of new features to further simplify your research. For faster and more convenient sample processing and analysis, all QIAquick® and MinElute® spin kits now come with gel loading dye, streamlined handbooks with tear-out bench protocols, and colour coded buffer caps. A pH indicator is also provided, allowing easy determination of the optimal pH for DNA binding to the spin column. In addition, we now offer the innovative GelPilot range of DNA molecular weight markers for added convenience. These 12 markers combine many valuable features, including easy-to-remember fragment patterns and sizes, convenient ready-to-load buffer (with 3 tracking dyes), and defined fragment concentrations.


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