New QIAGEN Products for Protein Science
Apr 25 2006

New QIAGEN Products for Protein Science

April 25, 2006

QIAGEN expands its protein product portfolio with new tools to streamline and simplify your protein research. Two new Qproteome kits provide apoptosis and cell signaling researchers with high-purity, highly active mitochondria and plasma-membrane protein preparations, virtually free of contaminating proteins from other cell compartments. Mass•Spec•Turbo Chips are ready-to-use targets prespotted with up to 1600 homogeneous matrix spots for high-throughput MALDI analyses.

A major challenge facing researchers studying individual cell compartments or organelles is obtaining pure fractions free of contaminating proteins from other compartments. Reproducible separation of mitochondria and cytosolic proteins is notoriously difficult. Traditional methods are tedious, time-consuming, and require access to an ultracentrifuge. Qproteome Mitochondria Isolation and Plasma Membrane Protein kits provide high-purity preparations with fully active proteins for apoptosis and cell-signaling assays and cellular localization studies.

Developed for high-throughput analysis, each ready-to-use Mass•Spec•Turbo Chip has up to 1600 homogeneous matrix spots, providing highly reproducible, high-resolution MALDI analysis of complex proteomics samples (e.g., liquid chromatography runs, 2D gels, etc.). By ensuring optimal presentation of samples, on-chip processing increases sensitivity and mass accuracy, making identification of low-abundance peptides easier and faster.


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