The new EpiTect Bisulfite Kit
Apr 25 2006

The new EpiTect Bisulfite Kit

April 25, 2006

New QIAGEN® EpiTect Kit - making epigenetics easy!

QIAGEN now offers your complete solution for epigenetics research including DNA purification, bisulfite conversion, cleanup, and PCR. The new EpiTect Bisulfite Kit provides complete conversion and cleanup of DNA for methylation analysis in <6 hours. The highly sensitive spin column-based method utilizes an innovative protection against DNA degradation, which dramatically reduces DNA fragmentation during bisulfite conversion, guaranteeing fast and reliable results for all downstream applications.

Each EpiTect Bisulfite Kit reaction converts 1 ng - 2 µg of DNA with equal efficiency. The novel procedure and optimized buffers enable the recovery of high yields of converted DNA. Analysis of EpiTect Bisulfite Kit-converted DNA shows over 99% conversion of unmethylated cytosines to uracils enabling repeatable and dependable downstream analysis.

The EpiTect Bisulfite Kit complements QIAGEN's range of standardized DNA cleanup and analysis products to provide the complete solution for epigenetics research.


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