QIAGEN EasyXtal and NeXtal products for protein crystallization
Feb 10 2006

QIAGEN EasyXtal and NeXtal products for protein crystallization

February 10, 2006

Analysis of a protein's three-dimensional structure is essential to understand its function. Until now, identifying the chemical conditions that lead to highly-diffracting protein crystals has been a tedious, time-consuming, hit or miss process. QIAGEN EasyXtal and NeXtal products offer the best chance of obtaining protein crystals in the shortest possible time using the minimum amount of protein.

The chance of finding the right conditions is increased by systematic screening with the world's largest offering of protein crystallization screening conditions (>1700 and growing). Each Screening Suite provides 96 different, systematically formulated conditions based around chemical species that have been proven to promote crystallization, e.g., PEGs, MPD (2-methyl-2,4-pentandiol), and salts. Screening Suites are available in a range of volumes, from microplates to 10 ml tubes, meaning that you only need buy the amount you need, and that solutions are fresh every time. The precise chemical composition of every solution is recorded in a detailed production report that can be downloaded from the QIAGEN website, ensuring maximum reproducibility.

Available in a wide range of formats - from highly innovative crystallization tools that make setup and screening easy and convenient to bulk formats for higher throughputs - EasyXtal and NeXtal products deliver unparalleled quality, convenience, and flexibility in protein crystallization.


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