QIAGEN Introduces New Tissue Management Standards Targeting Biomedical Cancer Research
Nov 06 2006

QIAGEN Introduces New Tissue Management Standards Targeting Biomedical Cancer Research

Standardization in the processing and archiving of tissue samples facilitates new developments in diagnostics and therapeutics

Venlo, The Netherlands, November 06, 2006 - QIAGEN, the worldwide leading provider of products for pre-analytical sample preparation and a leader in molecular diagnostics, today introduced its new Biomedical Tissue Management System. At a press briefing held in Düsseldorf at the BIO Europe 2006 conference, QIAGEN's CEO Peer Schatz, presented this comprehensive set of integrated solutions which standardize the entire workflow for the processing of tissues samples, from the sample collection to data analysis. The Biomedical Tissue Management System includes a wide array of QIAGEN products including stabilization solutions to prevent degradation of DNA and RNA, instruments for the release of bio-molecules from tissue samples and technologies for reproducible purification and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the standard process for making target molecular sequences visible.

"With the Biomedical Tissue Management System QIAGEN now provides a standardized and integrated workflow to overcome existing bottlenecks. Our comprehensive solution package allows new dimensions of data collection and analysis in biomedical research", Mr. Schatz said. "The standardized solutions in our new QIAGEN Biomedical Tissue Management System provide highest compatibility with today's and next generation analytical techniques. They are built to guarantee superior data comparability and therefore lower associated costs as customers involved in these activities can leverage the compatibility of their processes with research networks worldwide. We look forward to thereby contributing to biomedical research and to enabling new discoveries in diagnostics and therapeutics."

The market for Biomedical Tissue Management is expected to grow annually by more than 25%. It addresses customers in academia, pharma- and biotech companies, which make use of tissues for their clinical research. Major starting materials include formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (so called FFPE) tissue samples. These tissue samples are archived in huge bio-banks around the world for enhanced drug development based on patients' medical histories. Users in clinical research (for instance in cancer research) are often faced with the problem of getting enough usable DNA, RNA and protein out of a sample. More than other materials (e.g. blood or cells), tissue poses significant challenges to the entire sample management. For example, its solid structure makes analytes particularly difficult to stabilize and archive. A standardized and excellent sample preparation and stabilization is pre-condition to get reliable and substantial results. Another problem encountered by researchers is to get enough material out of limited sample volumes. So far, samples had to be split for separate purification procedures. One solution newly launched by QIAGEN, AllPrep, now provides a unique technology that allows purification of all analytes (DNA, RNA and protein) from the same sample at the same time.

About QIAGEN's comprehensive Biomedical Tissue Management System

The System includes:

  • Collection and stabilization solutions to prevent degradation of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and proteins in freshly harvested tissues,
  • instruments for efficient disruption of tissues to release bio-molecules,
  • kits and instruments for reproducible purification and amplification at low- and high-throughputs, and
  • DNA and RNA amplification kits, optimized master mixes for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the standard process for making target molecular sequences visible.


QIAGEN N.V., a Netherlands holding company, is a leading provider of innovative technologies and products for pre-analytical sample preparation and molecular diagnostics solutions. QIAGEN has developed a comprehensive portfolio of more than 500 proprietary, consumable products and automated solutions for sample collection, and nucleic acid and protein handling, separation, and purification. QIAGEN also supplies diagnostic kits, tests, and assays for human and veterinary molecular diagnostics. The company's products are sold to academic research markets, and to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as to diagnostics laboratories. QIAGEN also provides purification and testing solutions to applied testing markets, such as forensics, animal or food testing, and pharmaceutical process control. QIAGEN employs more than 1,800 people worldwide. QIAGEN products are sold through a dedicated sales force and a global network of distributors in more than 40 countries. Further information about QIAGEN can be found at www.qiagen.com.


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