Stabilization solutions for reliable gene expression analysis
Jul 25 2006

Stabilization solutions for reliable gene expression analysis

July 25, 2006

QIAGEN provides a wide range of stabilization solutions for immediate RNA stabilization in a variety of sample types, including cells, tissues, saliva, blood, and bacteria. RNA stabilization preserves the gene expression profile, enabling reliable gene expression analysis in applications such as real-time RT-PCR and microarray analysis.

In contrast to traditional methods, QIAGEN stabilization solutions allow samples to be stabilized, processed, stored, and transported at ambient temperature. Sample handling is safe and convenient as there is no need for liquid nitrogen or dry ice. The sample is simply added to the stabilization solution, which then acts rapidly to stabilize RNA.

QIAGEN stabilization solutions are part of QIAGEN's complete range of products for streamlining and standardizing the gene expression analysis workflow, from sample collection and stabilization to RNA purification and downstream analysis.


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