Validated siRNAs with full sequence disclosure for guaranteed gene knockdown
Aug 28 2007

Validated siRNAs with full sequence disclosure for guaranteed gene knockdown

August 28, 2007  QIAGEN, the first company to provide sequences of predesigned siRNA products, today announced that its HP Validated siRNAs will also be provided with full sequence information at no extra cost. HP Validated siRNAs are validated for functionality by quantitative RT-PCR and are proven to provide ≥70% target gene knockdown. HP Validated siRNAs are the result of the world's largest siRNA validation project in which thousands of siRNAs were tested for knockdown efficiency by QIAGEN scientists (Krueger, U. et al. [2007] Insights into Effective RNAi Gained from Large-Scale siRNA Validation Screening. Oligonucleotides 17, 237). They are available to target a wide range of human genes, including members of important gene families such as kinase and cancer-associated genes.

Using HP Validated siRNA saves significant time and effort because there is no need to test the siRNA for knockdown efficiency and high gene knockdown is assured. For many genes, more than one HP Validated siRNA is available, allowing confirmation of the knockdown phenotype with different siRNAs. Full sequence disclosure provides information for analysis of experimental results and verification of knockdown. siRNA sequences can be included in research publications, if required. HP Validated siRNAs can be ordered in a range of quantities, with a variety of modifications, in tubes or 96-well plates. Flexible formats facilitate low-, medium-, or high-throughput experiments. To find out more, visit


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