FlexiTube siRNA — cost-effective RNAi, one gene at a time
May 02 2007

FlexiTube siRNA — cost-effective RNAi, one gene at a time

May 02, 2007  FlexiTube siRNA enhances the flexibility of QIAGEN's range of RNAi solutions by providing a cost-effective option for analysis of small numbers of human or mouse genes. FlexiTube siRNAs are provided in economical 1-nmol amounts. At the GeneGlobeTM Web portal, QIAGEN recommends a gene-specific solution of 4 siRNAs for each target gene. These FlexiTube GeneSolutions enable researchers to follow published guidelines which recommend multiple siRNAs for each target to ensure accurate results.

As with FlexiPlate siRNA, which provides cost-effective RNAi screening solutions, FlexiTube siRNA is designed using QIAGEN's highly innovative HP OnGuard siRNA Design, which delivers potent and specific siRNA. siRNAs are designed using neural network technology based on an extremely large set of data from siRNA experiments. siRNA design is then checked for homology to all other sequences of the genome using an up-to-date, nonredundant sequence database and a proprietary homology analysis tool. Design features include 3' UTR/seed region analysis, SNP avoidance, and interferon motif avoidance.

To find out more about FlexiTube siRNA, visit http://www1.qiagen.com/Products/RNAi/


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