FastLane Kits — from sample direct to result
Jan 23 2007

FastLane Kits — from sample direct to result

January 23, 2007

FastLane Kits accelerate and streamline real-time RT-PCR analysis of cultured cells. By eliminating the need for RNA purification, the kits allow you to carry out real-time RT-PCR directly from cell lysates. The kits are ideal for experiments requiring rapid, high-throughput gene expression analysis, such as validation of siRNA-mediated gene knockdown.

Only 12 minutes are required to prepare cell lysate which can be used directly in reverse transcription or in real-time, one-step RT-PCR. To ensure reliable gene expression analysis in subsequent real-time RT-PCR, RNA is immediately stabilized upon cell lysis and genomic DNA is effectively eliminated using novel gDNA Wipeout Buffer.

The comprehensive range of FastLane Kits provides high-speed solutions for all types of real-time RT-PCR. Kits are available for one-step RT-PCR (for cell-cultures of up to 384-wells) and two-step RT-PCR (for cell-cultures of up to 96-wells). Quantification is achieved using sequence-specific probes (in single or multiplex reactions) or SYBR Green I dye.

FastLane Kits are intended for research use. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.


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