QIAGEN Launches Expanded Epitect Product Line (trade release)
Jun 18 2008

QIAGEN Launches Expanded Epitect Product Line (trade release)

Products Cover Entire Workflows in Epigenetics

Venlo, The Netherlands - June 18, 2008 - Research critical to the study of epigenetics will be significantly enhanced through greater standardization, thanks to five new products launched this month by QIAGEN. The significant expansion of the company's new EpiTect® product line addresses the needs of scientists' entire workflow, from sample collection to result. The expanded portfolio includes the EpiTect Whole Bisulfitome Kit, the first kit for amplification of the entire bisulfite-converted genome (bisulfitome).

Epigenetics is one of the fastest-growing areas of life science research, spurring significant advancements in gene function analysis and the study of molecular diagnostics of cancers and other diseases. Epigenetics focuses on differences in gene regulation and expression resulting from DNA methylation. However, this research area is challenging, due to a lack of standardized methods for yielding reproducible data particularly from tiny amounts of sample material.

With the Epitect product line, QIAGEN addresses the growing demand for standardized products for complete workflows in epigenetics, ranging from the already launched kit for bisulfite conversion to the kits now being launched for whole bisulfitome amplification and highly sensitive methylation assays. QIAGEN's new EpiTect products are:

  • EpiTect® Whole Bisulfitome Kit: A novel solution for reliable and convenient amplification of the entire bisulfite-converted genome. The kit incorporates proven REPLI-g technology and is adapted to smaller DNA fragment size and modified nucleotide composition resulting from bisulfite conversion.
  • EpiTect® MSP Kit: Includes a unique genetically engineered DNA polymerase for end-point methylation-specific PCR (MSP), providing highly specific discrimination between methylated and unmethylated cytosine after bisulfite conversion. False-positive results are thus significantly reduced.
  • EpiTect® MethyLight PCR Kit: The most sensitive kit on the market for quantitative analysis of methylated DNA using probe based real-time PCR. Using just one sample, this product enables the quantification and differentiation of even small variations in methylated and unmethylated DNA.
  • EpiTect® MethyLight Assay: These first-to-market, probe-based real-time assays enable the standardized quantification and differentiation of methylated and unmethylated DNA for six selected genes related to cancer.
  • EpiTect® Control DNA: The first ready-to-use, bisulfite-converted DNA for highly reliable methylation-control experiments.

"With the greatly expanded EpiTect portfolio, our customers now have a set of standardized and convenient tools optimized for epigenetics. The Epitect product line enables them to perform reliable sample and assay processes - from bisulfite conversion to accurate DNA methylation analysis," said Gerald Schock, Global Product Manager at QIAGEN. "The EpiTect products make epigenetic research easier and more reliable than ever before."

Further information about the EpiTect product portfolio is available at www.qiagen.com/epigenetics.

Epitect products are intended for research use. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.


QIAGEN N.V., a Netherlands holding company, is the leading global provider of sample and assay technologies. Sample technologies are used to isolate and process DNA, RNA and proteins from biological samples such as blood or tissue. Assay technologies are used to make isolated biomolecules visible for study. QIAGEN has developed and markets more than 500 consumable products as well as automated solutions. The company provides its products to molecular diagnostics laboratories, academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and applied testing customers for purposes such as forensics, animal or food testing and pharmaceutical process control. QIAGEN's assay technologies include one of the broadest panels of molecular diagnostic tests available worldwide. This panel includes the only FDA-approved test for human papillomavirus (HPV), the primary cause of cervical cancer. QIAGEN employs more than 2,700 people in over 30 locations worldwide. Further information about QIAGEN can be found at http://www.qiagen.com/.


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