QIAsymphony SP Wins “Best New Product” Award
Jan 30 2008

QIAsymphony SP Wins “Best New Product” Award

ALA's prestigious award recognizes QIAGEN's novel sample and assay processing platform for its technical originality and innovative features

VENLO, The Netherlands, January 30, 2008 - QIAGEN N.V. today announced that its new modular platform for sample and assay processing, QIAsymphony SP, has received the renowned New Product Award (NPA) Designation of the Association for Laboratory Automation (ALA). The award was presented on January 29 to QIAGEN at LabAutomation in Palm Springs, CA, the world's largest trade show for laboratory technologies, where QIAGEN officially introduced the QIAsymphony SP to the public on January 28.

QIAsymphony SP is the first system in QIAGEN's new series of modular instruments which can be integrated to automate entire workflows in a broad range of molecular sample and assay applications. The novel platform is the result of the largest development program ever undertaken at QIAGEN.

The NPA Designation highlights the cutting-edge technologies and innovative features incorporated in QIAsymphony, which sets new levels of flexibility, convenience, and safety in sample processing and applications. The expert jury awarded the prize based upon following criteria: extraordinary technical originality, anticipated impact on the field of laboratory automation, supporting data that respects universal scientific methodology, and market demand. Products that receive the ALA NPA Designation must illustrate the one-step-ahead commitment to efficiency and effectiveness which is unique to laboratory automation.

This is the second ALA award for QIAGEN in a row. In 2007 the Company received the ALA NPA Designation for QIAcube, its very successful sample processing platform.

"Winning the ALA NPA Designation for the second time in a row makes us extremely proud", said Wolfgang Leibinger, Global Business Director Automated Systems at QIAGEN. "This is not only a most prestigious recognition of QIAGEN's innovation capabilities in automation technology and process standardization. It also greatly rewards the dedication of the entire development and marketing teams standing behind this unique platform and it also gives further support to QIAGEN's commitment to developing highly innovative and enabling platforms."

QIAsymphony SP allows users to load samples in many formats and of many types and to isolate, purify, and prepare target analytes for further analysis. The system enables the handling of an extensive variety of starting materials and a wide range of input volumes. Over 40 protocols to process DNA, RNA, and proteins have been optimized for use on the QIAsymphony. The system has incorporated many first-of-their-kind features in molecular processing including the essential features of continuous loading of sample racks, reagents, and consumables, and the ability to perform several purification procedures on one batch of samples without reloading reagents (random access). The system is designed to provide value in a wide bandwidth of throughput settings, from a few samples a day up to a few hundred.

About QIAsymphony:

  • Cutting-edge technology, innovative functions and proven and leading QIAGEN chemistries for highest-performance results
  • QIAsymphony SP is the first element launched of a modular system designed to automate whole workflows from sample to result
  • New level of flexibility in sample processing and applications
  • Features touch screen operations, bar-coding of samples and reagents
  • Process allows continuous loading of 1 to 96 samples per run
  • Random access processing of multiple protocols without reloading reagents
  • Pictures are available at www.qiagen.com/goto/qiasymphonyimages/

QIAsymphony SP is intended to be used only in combination with QIAsymphony SP Kits for applications described in the respective QIAsymphony SP Kit handbook. QIAsymphony SP Kits are intended for laboratory use. No claim or representation is intended for its use to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

About ALA:

The Association for Laboratory Automation (ALA) is a worldwide organization representing leaders in all aspects of laboratory automation. ALA seeks to provide a greater understanding of the importance and value of automation technologies in the laboratory setting, to advance the science and promote education related to laboratory automation by encouraging the study, advance the science and improving the practice of medical and laboratory automation. More information on ALA and the New Product Award Designation can be found at http://www.labautomation.org/.


QIAGEN N.V., a Netherlands holding company, is the leading provider of innovative sample and assay technologies and products. The products are considered standards in areas such as pre-analytical sample preparation and molecular diagnostics solutions. QIAGEN has developed a comprehensive portfolio of more than 500 proprietary, consumable products and automated solutions for sample collection, nucleic acid and protein handling, separation, and purification and open and target specific assays. The company's products are sold to academic research markets, to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, to applied testing customers (such as in forensics, veterinary, bio-defense and industrial applications) as well as to molecular diagnostics laboratories. QIAGEN employs more than 2,600 people worldwide. QIAGEN products are sold through a dedicated sales force and a global network of distributors in more than 40 countries. Further information about QIAGEN can be found at http://www.qiagen.com/.


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