A valuable tool for drug discovery and functional genomics using RNAi
Jan 29 2008

A valuable tool for drug discovery and functional genomics using RNAi

January 29, 2008  QIAGEN, the market leader in genomewide siRNA sets, has enhanced its comprehensive range of high-throughput RNAi solutions with the launch of the Human Whole Genome siRNA Set V4.0, the Human Druggable Genome siRNA Set V4.0, and subsets for GPCRs, phosphatases, and kinases. siRNAs are designed using QIAGEN's highly innovative HP OnGuard siRNA Design which incorporates many unique and advanced features and delivers highly potent and specific siRNA.

HP OnGuard siRNA Design integrates neural network technology, proprietary homology analysis, and asymmetry analysis. The latest knowledge on the mechanism of miRNA-related off-target effects is used in the design of multi-parameter, seed-region searches. siRNA design also takes advantage of the results of large-scale, wet-lab siRNA validation studies and genomewide analysis using Affymetrix® GeneChip® arrays. Up-to-date sequence information is used for SNP and interferon motif avoidance.

siRNA Sets are provided in flexible scales and formats, including individual siRNAs or pools, to suit specific screening requirements. The Human Whole Genome siRNA Set V4.0 targets 19,121 human genes (NM genes) and a supplemental set targeting 5318 predicted (XM) genes is also available. The Human Druggable Genome siRNA Set V4.0 targets 6961 genes of potential therapeutic value. Subsets target 490 GPCR genes, 696 kinase genes, or 205 phosphatase genes.

siRNA Sets are provided with complete siRNA sequence disclosure at no extra cost. All rights to any invention or discovery developed by researchers using these sequences belong to the researcher, allowing complete freedom for discovery.

Discover more about QIAGEN's RNAi solutions at www.qiagen.com/siRNA .

siRNA products are intended for research use. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Trademarks: QIAGEN® (QIAGEN Group); Affymetrix® GeneChip® (Affymetrix, Inc.). siRNA technology licensed to QIAGEN is covered by various patent applications, owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Carnegie Institute of Washington, Alnylam Corporation, and others.


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