Flexible siRNA sets for multiple gene families
Jan 29 2008

Flexible siRNA sets for multiple gene families

January 29, 2008  FlexiPlate siRNA Gene Family Lists from QIAGEN are flexible siRNA sets which enable RNAi screening of 54 human gene families. Lists of siRNAs for each gene family allow creation of customized siRNA sets with a user-friendly Web interface ( www.qiagen.com/GeneGlobe ). For maximum flexibility, controls, scales, and plate layout can be chosen to suit individual requirements.

Epigenetics, cell cycle, growth factors, and DNA repair are just a few examples of the wide range of gene families covered. For controls, the options include a toxic siRNA blend, validated positive controls, and the most extensively validated negative control currently available. Unmatched flexibility is assured by the option to choose 0.1-nmol, 0.25-nmol, or 1-nmol siRNA amounts and the ability to rearrange plates by simply dragging and dropping siRNAs.

siRNAs are designed using QIAGEN's innovative and sophisticated HP OnGuard siRNA Design, ensuring potency and specificity. siRNA design incorporates neural-network technology and a proprietary homology analysis tool. Exciting design features include 3' UTR/seed region analysis, SNP avoidance, and interferon motif avoidance.

Discover more about QIAGEN's RNAi solutions at www.qiagen.com/siRNA .

siRNA products are intended for research use. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Trademarks: QIAGEN® (QIAGEN Group). siRNA technology licensed to QIAGEN is covered by various patent applications, owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Carnegie Institute of Washington, Alnylam Corporation, and others.


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