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IR - Analysts
Analyst coverage

Numerous financial analysts monitor QIAGEN's performance. The following list includes banks and securities companies that publish regular research reports on QIAGEN. It does not claim to be complete and should not be seen as a recommendation for a financial investment in QIAGEN. 

Institution Analyst
Bank of Amerika Merrill Lynch* Derik de Bruin
Barclays* Jack Meehan
Berenberg Bank* Scott Bardo
Bryan Garnier*
Hugo Solvet
CA Cheuvreux*
Oliver Reinberg, CFA
Citi Research*
Daniel Arias*
Commerzbank* Daniel Wendorff, CIIA, CEFA
Doug Schenkel
Deutsche Bank* Gunnar Romer
DZ Bank*  Sven Kürten
Exane BNP Paribas*
Romain Zana
Independant Research*
Bernhard Weininger
Jefferies International*
Peter Welford, CFA 
JP Morgan*
Tycho Peterson 
Alexandru Cogut
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg*
Dr. Timo Kürschner
MainFirst Bank*  Dr. Marcus Wieprecht 
Morgan Stanley*
Steve Beuchaw 
Piper Jaffray*
William R. Quirk, CFA 
Warburg Research*
Ulrich Huwald 
Wells Fargo*  Tim Evans
William Blair & Company*  Brian Weinstein, CFA 

*ATTENTION: Information on analysts and their coverage, ratings and their reports are furnished by QIAGEN N.V. ("QIAGEN" or the "Company") for your convenience. The reports have NOT been prepared by QIAGEN, and QIAGEN does NOT adopt or endorse the contents hereof, which constitute the work product solely of the report's authors. QIAGEN DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATION, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, THAT THE INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS ACCURATE OR THAT THE STATEMENTS IN THIS REPORT COINCIDE WITH THE COMPANY'S VIEWS. Further, the Company disclaims any obligation to furnish any other published reports or updates on related information such as the above list, whether or not by the same authors and whether or not the contents thereof are consistent with the information and views expressed in such reports.

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