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Equity story

Global leader in Sample to Insight solutions

In an era of scientific breakthroughs, the world is creating more biological data every six months than in all of prior history. Characterizing the molecular building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins – is becoming routine in healthcare, public safety and other aspects of our daily lives. QIAGEN serves more than 500,000 customers with differentiated molecular testing solutions to enable research and the growing applications of genomics. Our technologies and seamless workflows take customers from start to finish – preparing samples, analyzing and interpreting variations, and reporting actionable findings. We are the leader in Sample to Insight solutions.


Attractive and growing markets

QIAGEN has deep relationships in four major customer classes:

  • Molecular Diagnostics – healthcare providers transforming medicine with molecular insights for prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases
  • Applied Testing – government or industry laboratories meeting needs in forensics, veterinary diagnostics and food safety with advanced molecular testing
  • Pharma – pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies using genomic insights to guide the discovery and development of innovative new treatments
  • Academia – scientists unlocking the mysteries of life such as mechanisms, pathways and potential treatments of diseases, as well as environmental and biological questions

New trajectory of growth and innovation

We have accelerated QIAGEN’s growth by focusing on opportunities to become the global leader in rapidly growing fields of research and healthcare with innovative technologies.

Examples of Sample to Insight solutions driving QIAGEN’s growth:

  • Automation solutions – start-to-finish integration such as our modular QIAsymphony workflows for PCR
  • Preventive diagnostics – cost-effective, efficient solutions for global health challenges including our modern QuantiFERON-TB blood tests for latent tuberculosis infection
  • Personalized healthcare – companion diagnostics and gene panels unlocking genomic variations to guide physicians in selecting the right drug for each patient’s care
  • Differentiated technologies – enabling scientists and clinicians to analyze even difficult samples in emerging fields such as liquid biopsies, single-cell analysis and microbiomes

Strong financial position

QIAGEN’s strong balance sheet, healthy free cash flow and disciplined capital allocation enable us to invest in organic growth and targeted M&A while improving returns to shareholders.

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