Video footage

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Video footage

This page contains b-roll material showcasing QIAGEN's R&D, operations and operative headquarters. The b-roll material is provided free of charge for editorial use only. Any other usage is subject to prior written approval by QIAGEN's media relations team. To get in touch with us, please use the contact form below. 


QIAGEN's operative HQ in Hilden, Germany


QIAGEN's R&D facilities


Video sections:

00:04 Sample preparation using magnetic beads

01:16 Transfer of bacterial cultures

03:12 Library of FFPE tumor samples

04:09 DNA extraction from FFPE tumor samples

04:49 Molecular testing on the QIAsymphony RGQ system

06:12 Sample preparation on the EZ1 Advanced XL instrument

07:07 Analysis of nucleic acids on the QIAxcel system

07:47 Loading of QIAcube instrument for automated sample processing

QIAGEN's operations


Video sections:

00:00 Chemical synthesis and quality control of buffers

01:54 Freeze-drying of biological product components

02:31 Biological production of enzymes

03:12 Refrigeneration of enzymes for later use

04:03 Reaction mix manufacturing

04:52 Automatic assembly and packaging of spin columns

06:21 Production of QIAsymphony reagent cartridges

06:57 Automatic filling of buffers

07:47 Loading of QIAcube instrument for automated sample processing

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